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Breakthrough Results for Advanced Kickover Tool

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Wireline Engineering’s Advanced Kickover Tool (AKT) has again delivered improved gas lift intervention results in challenging conditions. In a recent offshore operation in Malaysia, the change-out of gas lift valves in a seven year old dual completion had so far proved impossible due to difficulties overcoming deviation constraints with conventional intervention techniques.

With gas lift mandrels set in both the short and long strings, and wellbore deviations up to 71°, consideration had been given to using the expensive and difficult option of wireline tractors to attempt the intervention.   Instead, Wireline Engineering proposed the use of its Advanced Kickover Tool in combination with a Low Loader jarring tool and Roller Bogie tools placed throughout a wireline intervention toolstring – a package of solutions already proven to eliminate frictional drag and overcome resistance to orientation of the kickover tool within the gas lift mandrel. After due evaluation, the option of using tractors was abandoned and the AKT was chosen as the primary intervention method.

In total, 12 runs were made to retrieve and replace gas lift valves. All runs were successful at the first attempt – there were no misruns, no damaged equipment and no lost time. Roller Bogies were also used in a further 4 runs to set and retrieve a valve catcher the long and short strings.   This is another example of using Wireline Engineering’s specialist equipment to deliver transformational results in challenging operations.

Posted: 09.05.2014