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Impact Selector International (ISI) announced today that the entire Impact Selector International and Wireline Engineering product lines and services are available in Australia beginning Q1 2017.

ISI will be expanding beyond its Open Hole wireline jars that have been used successfully throughout Australia for major clients in offshore Australia and Moomba wells. The industry’s need to capitalize on true operating efficiencies has left a large hole in the market ISI has been asked to fill, resulting in ISI offering its entire suite of Intelligent Conveyance solutions out of its newly established Perth equipment, services, and sales location. This will initiate a complete and dedicated on-shore and off-shore expansion into the Australian exploration, development, interventions and completions market.

“I just had the pleasure of spending a week in Perth engaging directly with clients, interested operators and our service company partners in the region” says CEO David Lane “It is apparent that Impact Selector’s Intelligent Conveyance Technologies® are well suited to the Australian region and will further enhance the efficiency and safety of operations, as in other parts of the world. It is exciting to bring our complete offering to an already successful intelligent conveyance solutions market.”

Adam Shuttleworth - Business Development Manager complemented “With my experience in the market and ISI’s global proven track record, it was time to bring ISI’s full product offering to Australia and have equipment on the ground available for call out in this region.”

In addition to the full support of ISI’s established Open Hole jars, ISI will include local sales and services support for:

  • Technologically advanced and superior Impact Jars, including slickline &mono conductor e-line

  • Roller Bogies, including slickline, ballistic rated and pre-wired mono & multi conductor e-line

  • Heavy Duty Fishing Packages

  • Advanced kickover tools

  • Gas lift valve packages

  • Tool string modeling and risk reduction solutions

  • Custom design and support services


Impact Selector is currently taking pre-orders, assisting with tool string modeling, and arranging for custom design tool packages and sizes to be available and in service for the initial Q1 jobs planned in the region.

“Knowing the region for many years and using our network to provide information on the equipment that is necessary for the development of our clients’ outreach and efficiency, we felt the need to be established in Perth. This will allow us to proactively launch easy access to our newest equipment, latest technology, and global derived cost saving operations for our clients. Impact Selector is excited to invest and partner with our customers within Australia and enable new resources and tools to be available,” commented Mr. Lane.

For more information on Impact Selector’s products and services please contact Adam Shuttleworth directly at ashuttleworth@impactselector.com - +44 (0) 7407 249 569

About Impact Selector International, LLC

Impact Selector provides the global oil and gas industry with proprietary technologies and tools that significantly improve operating efficiencies and greatly reduce major, costly operating risks. ISI’s suite of Intelligent Conveyance Technologies® include: ImpactPro® Modeling Software, Open Hole and Cased Hole Wireline Jars, Tool Standoffs and Roller Systems, Roller Bogies, High Deviation & Heavy Duty Fishing Packages, Advanced Kickover Tools, Gas Lift Valve Packages, Friction Reduction Analysis Modeling and Custom Design Services. Impact Selector acquired Wireline Engineering Ltd. in July 2015, and is owned by its management team in partnership with Turnbridge Capital.


Posted: 29.12.2016