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More Successes for the Advanced Kickover Tool

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Wireline Engineering’s unique Advanced Kickover Tool (AKT) continues to push the boundaries of reliable gas lift intervention.    In an offshore well in SE Asia, eight successful runs were made to retrieve and replace gas lift valves below 1500m depth and at an incredible 83° deviation. All operations were completed successfully without misruns.

Elsewhere this month, a North Sea operator encountered significant problems retrieving a gas lift valve set at 8,500ft and 44° that had been in the well for seven years. After 18 failed attempts to pull the valve using two different types of conventional kickover tools the operator approached WE for a solution. We mobilized the AKT the same day and the gas lift valve was successfully retrieved on the 2nd attempt, despite later discovering the valve had been damaged by the repeated previous attempts to engage it.

In Malaysia, Petronas (PMO) reported four successful runs at 80° and approaching 1500m with what has become the standard combination of the AKT, Low Loader Jar and inline Roller Bogies. This involved gas lift valves being changed-out in both the long and short strings of an offshore dual completion. All valves were located, retrieved and replaced at the first attempt.

The run of headline successes for the AKT is impressive by any measure, often in what had previously been considered problematic or prohibitive circumstances. We encourage anyone having misruns or downtime in gas lift intervention to consider this breakthrough technology.

Posted: 11.06.2014