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Roller Bogie Technology First in Nigeria

Wireline Engineering has recorded a successful first rental operation in Nigeria. The job involved the company’s patented Roller Bogie tools to convey open hole wireline logging equipment to target depth in an offshore well operated by a major Nigerian oil and gas company Afren.

Director of Wireline Engineering Bill Petrie said: "We develop these technologies with the aim of bringing substantial benefits to our customers, and the more effectively we do that, the more our business grows as a result."

A total of three wireline runs were completed without incident, each to a depth of around 12,000ft at a sustained well deviation of 64°. Significant time and economic savings were achieved for the customer by eliminating the need for pipe conveyed logging methods and consequently we now have further work planned for the next phase of Afren’s operations.

Mr Petrie continued: "As our first venture into the Nigerian rental market, this successful operation is a very welcome development. It can be difficult for smaller companies to access global markets at arm’s length, and it is essential that you are able to rely on your technology when you get there. Wireline Engineering’s technology performed positively during the operation, and we now have ambitious plans to further develop our activity in the region."

"For technical reasons, the Roller Bogie technology was chosen to deploy wireline tools in preference to pipe-conveyed logging techniques previously employed. As a consequence, significant times savings were enjoyed and we are looking forward to extending these benefits in future applications."

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Posted: 01.10.2013