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Wireline Engineering Host Specialist Training to Oil and Gas Providers

Nexen Training Event

Aberdeen-based wireline and well intervention technology specialist Wireline Engineering has increased its support for North Sea customers by offering an operational training course on gas lift intervention.

The first series of three training events was held from 5th to 7th August at Wireline Engineering’s facility in Aberdeen, with a total of 25 personnel from Nexen Petroleum and its UK service providers participating.

One of the principal objectives was to achieve a common understanding of the key operational challenges involved in deviated gas lift intervention and how best practice could be employed to achieve the most effective outcomes in different circumstances.

The course also allowed delegates to take part in hands-on practical sessions using Wireline Engineering’s revolutionary Advanced Kickover Tool to set and retrieve gas lift valves in a real side-pocket mandrel.

Bill Petrie, Chairman of Wireline Engineering, said: “Gas lift intervention can be a critical part of production optimization in many fields, both in the North Sea and elsewhere, and is often carried out in challenging circumstances. I believe there is a profound need to exchange expertise and operational experiences with other industry professionals. In the end everyone benefits.

“We are the only company currently providing this kind of focused training in gas lift intervention. If it is judged to make a positive contribution, I’d like to see Wireline Engineering use our expertise to provide a wider range of support sessions like this.”

A senior member of the Nexen intervention team commented: “Wireline Engineering is well known for technologies that deliver noticeable benefits, especially in deviated and difficult wells. Having them also offer this kind of practical support can only benefit our planning and operations.”

Wireline Engineering Host Specialist Training for Oil and Gas Providers

Posted: 20.08.2014