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Meeting the challenge of wireline operations in deviated wells

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As wells are drilled deeper, more highly deviated, or their profiles become more challenging, it is increasingly difficult to perform efficient wireline operations. In some wells, frictional resistance caused by wire and wireline tools lying on the low side of the well can prevent the installation of vital equipment or severely inhibit its operation.

Complex and expensive solutions are often recommended to overcome this inhibiting friction. Wireline Engineering has taken a more innovative approach, deciding instead simply to eliminate the friction.

We have developed a range of unique conveyance solutions for deviated wells, to eliminate contact friction and enable gravity-deployed wireline operations to be conducted routinely at higher deviations and in deeper wells than was previously possible.

This includes the market-leading Roller Bogie products that have transformed the effectiveness of wireline services in deviated wells and brought real operational benefits to well operators throughout the world.

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