Wireline Engineering

Oriented Perforating Tool

  • Object Oriented Perforating Tool 01

The Oriented Perforating Tool enables the direction in which perforating charges are fired to be pre-selected and uses weight biasing to control gun orientation downhole.

The Oriented Perforating Tool is positioned immediately below wireline perforating guns, with Roller Bogie conveyance tools installed throughout the gun assembly to eliminate contact friction with the casing and allow the guns to rotate freely.

Adaptable for use with most types and sizes of perforating gun, the Oriented Perforating Tool is made up of modular weight-biased sections that combine to deliver high levels of torque to the gun assembly, rotating the guns to the desired direction of fire. Gun alignment is easily achieved using an indexing system to select the required toolface prior to running in hole.

Unlike certain other systems, the Oriented Perforating Tool places no restriction on the size or type of shaped charge that can be used.

Roller Bogie tools are original designs by Wireline Engineering and are protected by patent.