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Roller Bogie® Holefinder

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In open hole operations, the wellbore surface can be irregular and unpredictable. This can present significant challenges to the deployment of wireline tools, particularly as deviation increases.

Momentum is lost every time the leading end of the toolstring encounters wellbore irregularities such as ledges or washouts, or debris lying in the low side of the well.

The key to effective openhole conveyance lies in mitigating these challenges at the leading end of the toolstring.

Lifting the leading end of the toolstring off the low side of the wellbore mitigates momentum loss and possible damage from impacts as it is run in hole. Lifting the lower end of the toolstring also prevents or reduces the “snow ploughing” effect when there is debris or sand accumulation in the well.

Where wellbore enlargement is severe, it may be impossible to prevent the toolstring from entering washout zones. In this case, it is essential that the bottom end is equipped with the means of both protecting the toolstring and returning the toolstring effectively to the main wellbore.

The Roller Bogie Holefinder provides the required protection and conveyance solution for heavy tools in open hole, guiding the leading end of the toolstring and minimizing momentum loss.

Roller Bogie tools are original designs by Wireline Engineering and are protected by patent.