Wireline Engineering

Electric-Line Cased Hole

  • Cased Hole Roller Bogie 01

With a proven track record of success from 35° to 87°, Roller Bogie® tools for electric-line applications are available in mono-conductor, multi-conductor or perforating configurations. Installed at any point in the toolstring, they can be used for virtually all electric-line operations.

The roller body rotates freely around the tool body and the unique shape of the housing ensures the rollers are at all times oriented to the low side. The toolstring is lifted and the high-efficiency rollers eliminate contact friction, allowing easier and deeper well access.

Roller Bogie® tools are routinely used to convey perforating gun assemblies and can be placed above, below or between gun sections, with the detonating cord being transferred through the central mandrel.

Roller Bogie® tools are available in a wide range of sizes and connections, including profiled bullnose guides when run at the bottom of wireline toolstrings.

Roller Bogie® tools are original designs by Wireline Engineering and are protected by patent. They are not available elsewhere. Roller Bogie® is a registered trademark of Wireline Engineering Ltd.