Wireline Engineering

Electric-Line Open Hole

  • Open Hole Roller Bogie 01

Open hole wireline logging is relatively straightforward in vertical wells. As deviation increases to even moderate angles, the resulting friction between these heavy tools and the variable wellbore surface can restrict wireline conveyance or even make it impossible. Greater deviation also increases the risk of differential sticking and such difficult conditions may cause wireline to be abandoned and hugely increased costs incurred for pipe-conveyed logging operations.

With its long experience in conveyance solutions, Wireline Engineering developed a unique patented roller technology that increases the safe operating envelope for wireline tools in open hole. Wireline can now be run safely at greater deviations than has previously been possible, before costly alternatives such as pipe-conveyed logging needs to be considered.

With a large standoff to protect against differential sticking and high-lift rollers to eliminate friction, the Open Hole Roller Bogie tool enables easier and deeper access with much reduced risk. Tools are available in a range of sizes and can be re-sized without removal from the wireline toolstring.

Roller Bogie tools are original designs by Wireline Engineering and are protected by patent. They are not available elsewhere. Roller Bogie is a registered trademark of Wireline Engineering Ltd.