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Slickline Roller Bogie tools enable slickline operations to be performed more quickly, more easily, with less risk to the well and without changing wireline operating procedures. This means that the same people can perform the same work with the same equipment but in less time and at less risk.

For deviated intervention work, this is the most efficient conveyance system available.

Used in almost all circumstances and wellbore conditions, from 35° to 87° deviation, slickline Roller Bogie tools can be installed virtually anywhere in a slickline toolstring.

With independent swivels, the self-orienting roller housing ensures the rollers are at all times aligned to the low side of the well. The toolstring is lifted on to large, highly-efficient rollers, eliminating contact friction and allowing the toolstring to be transferred easily to target depth. Running weight remains positive and steady, pick-up weight is greatly reduced and the risk of wire breakage is lowered; jarring can be precise and more effective.

Slickline Roller Bogie tools are available in a wide range of sizes to pass through wellbore restrictions and can be ordered with a choice of connection types to suit individual toolstring requirements.

Ask your Wireline Engineering representative for guidance and best practices.

Roller Bogie tools are original designs by Wireline Engineering and are protected by patent. They are not available elsewhere. Roller Bogie is a registered trademark of Wireline Engineering Ltd.