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Specialist services that further enhance customers' oilfield operations

There are times when our customers need a little extra support. Whether this is onsite advice, specialist testing or customised project solutions, Wireline Engineering offers a range of services when and where required.


Wireline Engineering develops specialist intervention tools that save time and money and reduce risk for our customers. These benefits can be undermined unless it is clearly understood how these products should be deployed, operated and maintained in the field.
To ensure everyone is fully aligned to maximise operational performance, Wireline Engineering can provide tailored workshops where knowledge gained over many relevant operations can be shared, both with our customers and their service providers.
Getting everyone on the same page prior to the operation can make the difference between success and failure.


There is usually more to achieving success than simply selecting an item of equipment. It must be used in a manner that is appropriate to the situation and achieving best practice can be as important as the equipment itself.

When you choose to benefit from game-changing technology, the right advice in the right place at the right time can mean the difference between success and failure, often with very significant cost implications.

To ensure the best possible results, particularly where wireline service providers may be unfamiliar with Wireline Engineering’s specialist equipment, experienced wellsite advisors can be provided to offer guidance on the most effective deployment, operation and maintenance of these tools.

Testmast 2

We know that our success, and ultimately that of our customers, is dependent on the performance of our products which is why we designed and built a unique wireline mast for testing and development. At a height of 13 metres and with 100,000 lbs impact capability, our test mast can simulate any wellbore orientation from vertical to horizontal.

We also offer the opportunity for third parties to rent our test mast facility.

Special 1

There will be times when problems arise that are just that little bit different and the equipment needed isn’t available in someone’s catalogue.

Our customers know what they want to achieve but sometimes they just don’t have the means at hand to do so. In these instances we can provide the experience and knowledge required to deliver the right solutions, first time.

We work closely with customers to ensure they feel confident our team understands the problem, and has the experience and knowledge to deliver the right solution, first time. A combination of key critical assets all under one roof provides Wireline Engineering with maximum control over quality and delivery standards:

  • Extensive technical knowledge and operational experience
  • Creative design with state of the art manufacturing
  • Testing facilities and rigorous quality assurance